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Holiday Closure 2020/2021

Our office will be closed from 5:00 PM on 23rd December 2020

And reopen at 7:00 AM  Monday 4th January 2021

The Management and Staff at Wrightway Road Training wish all Clients a very safe Christmas Break and a prosperous New Year.

We look forward to meeting up again over the coming year. Take care and enjoy sharing the moments with family and friends.

Heavy rigid driver training is available for you on the basis of one or two hourly training sessions or by booking a Course of Training. The length of your Course of Training depends on which gearbox type you choose and on your previous driving experience. The gearbox choices are: Unrestricted Road Ranger, Synchromesh or Automatic.

For Bookings or Enquiries, please phone our office reception staff on 08 94599680 or enquire online by launching: https://www.wrt.com.au/index.php/contact-us/

Heavy Rigid details may be viewed on: https://www.wrt.com.au/index.php/license-selector/heavy-rigid/

Heavy combination and Multi combination driver training is available for you on the basis of two-hour training sessions or a course of training to suit your needs and your previous experience. The length of the Course of Training depends on the gearbox type that you choose: Automatic or Unrestricted Road Ranger gearbox types and your previous heavy vehicle experience.

Provided that your current driver’s licence shows Heavy Rigid unrestricted the Department of Transport will recognise your gearbox type rating when you pass your HC or MC whilst using the Automatic gearbox type. Most people find it easier to meet the required standard during an assessment when driving the prime mover with the automatic gearbox type. The prime mover with the Road Ranger gearbox is available for you if you require it.

Heavy combination details may be viewed on:


Multi combination details may be viewed on:


Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment is a document that all driver assessment candidates must hold so they can graduate on their Department of Transport driver assessment. To obtain the Statement of Attainment all enrolled students will need to complete their practical training and also do the theory training component. Our trainers will provide guidance on how to complete this training; it is easy once you know how!

Heavy rigid, heavy combination and multi combination graduates must all satisfy the Nationally Recognised Training Package requirements and the Department of Transport competency standards requirements. The good news is your trainers will easily explain how the standards can be met. Wrightway Road Training personnel have been providing these services since 1992.

Unlike HR, HC & MC, at the moment Medium Rigid practical driver assessments are still carried out by an Assessor provided by the Department of Transport. After medium rigid training our Trainer will go with you to Kelmscott Licensing Centre where you can use the truck that you have been trained in to do your driving test. Our Trainer will explain the competencies and provide you with opportunities to practice your MR truck driving to achieve the goal that you seek; which of course is to pass your test.

Whilst medium rigid is simply practical training followed by an MR driving test, acquiring a HR, HC or MC required the candidate to obtain a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment before doing a Department of Transport driving test.

The good news is tens of thousands of truck drivers have been helped by Wrightway Trainers to pass their truck test and no doubt during 2019 many more will be coached to successfully graduate with their truck licence!

The nationally recognised training course identifiers are:

TLIC3004 Drive heavy rigid vehicle;

TLIC3005 Drive heavy combination vehicle; and

TLIC4006 Drive multi combination vehicle.

Do please phone our office on 08 94599680 to make your booking or to ask if you have any questions, we’re happy to help.

Wrightway Road Training focus on looking after its Truck Driver students and have withdrawn from delivering Car ab initio driver training. If you or a family member need Car driver training we recommend the services of Aim2drive who can be contacted on: www.aim2drive.com.au

Wrightway delivers driver training in all truck classes:

Medium Rigid (MR)

  • Single-day course ($600)
  • Heavy Rigid (HR) (Synchromesh and Road Ranger)

    • One day HR Synchromesh course $1180 (including test)
    • Two day HR Road Ranger course $1570 (including test)
    • Individual lessons $130 per hour

    Heavy Combination (HC) (Automatic and Road Ranger)

    Multi Combination (MC) (Automatic and Road Ranger)