Heavy Combination Licence Information

A heavy-combination truck is either a heavy rigid with a trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM or a prime mover with a semi-trailer of more than 9 tonnes GVM.

Wrightway have both automatic and road ranger trucks to conduct your  heavy combination training  and assessment in.

We provide all training and assessment here at our Maddington depot.

Lessons are generally conducted in 2 hour blocks, depending on individual student requirements.

Please note all enrolling students MUST have a valid Unique Student Identifer (USI) number before beginning a training course at Wrightway.   To create a USI number please log onto  for their free of charge service.

The Department of Transport (DoT) mandate that training must be provided to a student and their graduation document set must include a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment.

Upon graduation this Statement and other documents are brought by the graduate to the DoT Licensing Services office to have their licence upgraded.

The Statement of Attainment for this Unit of Competency is labelled: TLIC 3005 Drive heavy combination vehicle.

It is worthwhile noting that the DoT Licensing Services driver’s licence is issued by the Western Australian government. Whereas, the Statement of Attainment is issued by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Wrightway Road Training (WRT) and that it is nationally recognised.

HC Gearbox Information

There are 3 types of Heavy Combination Licence’s – these are different because of their (gearbox restrictions).

Heavy Combination Unrestricted

No restrictions on gearbox – can drive any HC vehicle with an Automatic, Synchromesh or Non Synchromesh gearbox i.e. double clutching technique.

Heavy Combination  B (HCB)

Can drive HC vehicle with a Manual (synchromesh) or Automatic gearbox.

Heavy Combination  A (HCA)

Can drive HC vehicle with an Automatic gearbox only.


Important Information

You should study your current licence to ensure you obtain the correct Heavy Combination license. The license you hold and the gearbox restriction or unrestricted can make a big difference on the license you want to obtain.

Before you book for a Heavy Combination please let us know:

  • What license you hold – Medium Rigid (MR)  or Heavy Rigid (HR)
  • What gearbox you done your assessment in – automatic, manual or road ranger.
  • What license you wish to obtain. HC-A , HC-B or HC open.


If you are upgrading from a Medium Rigid (MR) to a Heavy Combination you will have no gearbox rating, however if you are upgrading from a Heavy Rigid (HR) to a Heavy Combination (HC) you will carry your gearbox rating with you.

Example: If you currently hold a HR licence with no restrictions, you may be able to use an automatic truck to obtain your HC road ranger licence.



  • The candidate must have held a car license for a least three years and  Medium Rigid (MR)  or Heavy Rigid (HR) license for at least a year.
  • Must have a valid WA license or if overseas license is held they must obtain either a HR learners permit or WA drivers license.
  • Must have a secondary form of photographic identification
  • Must wear visual aids (prescription glasses) if necessary, an eye test will be carried out on a students first lesson. If you are concerned about your eye test you must make this known when booking in for a lesson or day course.
  • If you currently have a Medical condition on your Licence, you need a medical certificate for the class of licence you are applying for
  • Wear appropriate clothing, including fully enclosed shoes.
  • Please Note: From 1 January 2015 all students undertaking nationally recognized training delivered by a registered training organisation will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).To create a USI simply log onto 

If you currently hold a HR Licence, you may also be eligible for your Multi Combination (MC) .



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C Class
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Medium Rigid
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Heavy Rigid
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Heavy Combination
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Multi Combination



Truck Training at Wrightway Road Training is moving to its new location at 254 Kelvin Road Orange Grove WA 6109 on Monday 5th July 2021. Office contacts and online presence remain the same as ever.
With services delivered for the past twenty years from our Maddington location in recent years the activities on our road have become increasingly active and now disadvantages our student truck drivers as they attempted to exit and enter our old training depot.
Delivering truck driver training services from our 254 Kelvin Road property is our fifteen-year plan so our student drivers have more space to enter and exit during training and future assessment sessions. Do please be patient as we shift our services to this new improved location. Thank you.
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