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Employers of drivers enjoy enhanced performance results by using the training and assessment services provided by Wrightway Road Training (WRT). It is common for employers to avail of not only traditional driver training services but also the more advanced LOW RISK driver courses available from this Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

LOW RISK driver training includes the material: Survive Every Drive ©. Survive Every Drive © is the goal of this advanced driver training module and it is also the title of the LOW RISK audio track that encourages students to listen and learn about clever aspects in the art of surviving every drive.

Organisations benefit from having their drivers properly trained and assessed. Examples of client groups that use the specialised services provided by WRT © are fuel and gas distribution companies that recognise the importance of proper driver training and assessment services. Client companies such as these demand high performance from their drivers and recognise that professional training services have an essential part to play in achievement of their organisational goals.

At the top end of the scale Wrightway trainers and assessors provide heavy vehicle defensive training to drivers using large vehicle fleets including road-train operations. These are one-day courses are designed to motivate drivers to operate to higher professional performance standards. No job is too big or too job Wrightway Road Training team of trainers and assessors.

It is common for employers to request that a WRT © assessor drives with one of their drivers to ascertain the driver’s current performance level. Post assessment recommendations are designed to assist the driver to raise their driving performance to the level prescribed by the organisation.

Of course, driver training in all car and truck classes is provided so clients’ employees achieve their licence pass result and join the ranks the organisation’s commercial drivers. WRT is an Authorised Provider (AP) employing its own team of Department of Transport appointed and trained assessors that issue the Department’s certificate of competency for licencing acquisition purposes. Whilst, truck driver training has been WRT’s area of expertise since 1992 a broader range of services has been introduced due to client demand. For instance, in response to some client requests WRT has developed an effective Secure Cargo training course. This is delivered as a one-day course which is divided into theory and hands-on practical sessions. Another worthwhile client requested course in trailer towing for light vehicle drivers. This is a very informative course designed to enhance the safety of workplace and individual drivers as they convert to trailer towing duties. WRT is here to help organisations that have a training need.

As well as these courses WRT has designed and constructed a superb purpose built four wheel drive training facility in Western Australia. It spreads over five acres with purpose built training tracks covering aspects such as a water crossing, a mud track, a suspension test track, camel humps, a table top for stall recovery practice and sand trap features. WRT caters for the needs of many industries that operate 4WD vehicles. What is truly rewarding about this service is the student feedback after they attend a 4WD course of training with WRT. Their feedback makes the training task all the more worthwhile.

Regarding the unique quality aspects of WRT training, employers have recognised for some decades now; the difference offered by the Wrightway system. Quality is enhanced through the system called Priority driver. Priority driver is an overarching quality training and assessment system that provides focus and guidance for WRT personnel and students. It is a quality training and assessment methodology. It is designed to enhance the services delivered to client organisations in a way that no other provider can match.

The Priority driver system has undergone over a decade of development to provide effective support to client organisations and staff. Key aspects include a focus on achieving safety targets through the integration of best practice training and assessment systems and techniques. Drivers undergoing training with Wrightways are encouraged to Survive Every Drive ©; you know it makes sense!

Call 9459 9680 or e-mail admin@wrt.com.au to arrange a presentation on how to monitor and improve safety performance of personnel within your organisation. Life after all is precious!


Truck Training at Wrightway Road Training is moving to its new location at 254 Kelvin Road Orange Grove WA 6109 on Monday 5th July 2021. Office contacts and online presence remain the same as ever.
With services delivered for the past twenty years from our Maddington location in recent years the activities on our road have become increasingly active and now disadvantages our student truck drivers as they attempted to exit and enter our old training depot.
Delivering truck driver training services from our 254 Kelvin Road property is our fifteen-year plan so our student drivers have more space to enter and exit during training and future assessment sessions. Do please be patient as we shift our services to this new improved location. Thank you.
Phone: 08 9459 9680